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JTI-2_Photo_1002smallerHello! I’m Joanne Takano. Welcome to my website.

If you are searching for parenting solutions for a specific problem you may be experiencing with your child or someone else’s child, you’ve come to the right place!

I created this website specifically to help parents who need some assistance with resolving problems they may be experiencing with their children.  My website is the place where you’ll find true stories about real parents who had problems with their children and how they resolved some of their issues with my guidance.

So you won’t miss out on my most recent book, click on the link below to check out the Book Preview page.  It’s quite an interesting story about a child who couldn’t speak.  Is she autistic? That is the question.

I Think She's Autistic...No She's Not!

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I do not profess that I can solve every problem that comes my way but I’ve had over 20 years of experience working with kids, as well as teenagers, and helping parents just like you.

If you are a parent, you will truly love reading my stories because frankly, these stories will touch your own life as you look back as to how your parents raised you when you were a child.


My most popular book “How to Get your Kids to Listen” is not a short story.  It is a book filled with illustrations, exercises and parental recommendations to help you to get cooperation from your children.  There are several chapters which address various situations a parent may be experiencing.  Check out the table of contents to give you more information.  I highly suggest the purchase of this one as it will help you considerably to raise a more cooperative child. Click here to see a PREVIEW of this book on Amazon.

After purchasing the book, you can come for more help on our Book Buyers Questions Blog page and I will answer questions to help you implement any recommendations stated in any of my books.

My parenting tips are based on this philosophy.  To maintain the child’s individual personality; to increase the child’s self-confidence by never stopping him from wanting to initiate his own ideas and creations.  But yet, still guiding him toward a successful and positive future by teaching him the do’s and don’ts of being a good person to others and to himself.

My hopes for an improved society through our children may someday be realized if we all raised our children with more love and tolerance than how we as children were raised.

Read all my ebooks to get a broader understanding on how to raise a successful, self-reliant individual who is able to create a positive future for himself and his family.  It all starts with YOU, the parent!


Being a parent means that we all must be teachers.  I never looked at myself as being a teacher but I found out long time ago that if you are a parent, you are actually your child’s first teacher. 

We teach our children how to walk, how to use a spoon, how to use the potty, how to tie their shoes, etc., etc. We even indirectly teach them good manners by showing them how well mannered we are…well, at least we try, ha, ha.  So I wanted to share this very important product that will help you to make your children into readers.

Reading is the most important subject in a child’s education. Think about it, if you can’t read, you can’t learn anything else. One must command this subject with full understanding in order that he can learn math, science, geography, history and so on.  So getting your child to love books is a basic rudiment that can be established before he goes to school.

Here’s one easy step that will help you to start your child to loving books.  Start reading him stories. You do this by reading them interesting stories that your child can relate to.  My most favorite children’s books that incorporate the child into the stories are the books created by I See Me!  You can find a few of these books by clicking on the Books for Children tab.  Their full selection of books can be seen on their website.  Go ahead and click on their link to check out their full selection of personalized books.  The books are high quality with beautiful illustrations that your child will enjoy immensely.

Here’s a tip on how to read to your child to help him get introduced to words.  Make sure he can see the pages and start by reading him the title of the page.  Then while reading, point to the words as you say them aloud.  Read slowly so your child will understand better.  If your child makes a comment or asks a question, acknowledge or answer him immediately and then continue reading.  Do this on every page and every book you read to him. Interaction with your child while reading him stories is very important.  Don’t just read and have him be quiet.  You want him to communicate about the book and possibly have a little discussion about it.  You’ll establish a closer bond with your child by doing this and he’ll enjoy reading a lot more if you allow the two-way interaction.

If your child asks that you read him a story, please do whatever you can to oblige his request.  Doing so strengthens his desire to read books.  Also, you can start teaching him words by pointing on a word and then pronouncing it to him and then have him repeat back to you the same word. (Make sure he looks at the word you are pointing to.)  You’ll be surprised how fast a toddler can start recognizing words and that would be the start of him learning to read at the youngest of years.  Have fun, I would love to hear back from you on any successes you may have using this simple reading tip.

Finally, I want you to know that my website is user-friendly.  I am very interested in you and providing services that you like or can utilize.  If there’s anything that you would like to see more of or if there is something that you would like me to provide in the way of helping children and families, please feel free to contact me personally.  Go to my Contact page and send me your request.  I will do whatever I can to accommodate your needs.


I’ll end off for now but will be back for more exciting additions to this website!